Construction to begin on new HRSD pumping station

Sherry Hamilton - Posted on May 08, 2019 - 02:16 PM

Construction is set to begin soon on the new Hampton Roads Sanitation Division pumping station on Main Street in Mathews. Silt fencing has gone up around the lot, which is located next to Moughons Hardware, and a backhoe is on-site.

Shaw Construction and System East, Inc., will be performing the work, which is expected to be completed and have operational systems by next summer, said HRSD spokesman Leila Rice. The 1,700-square-foot brick structure will have approximately a 37-foot-wide facade along Main Street and will sit about 20 feet back from the road, she said. It will be approximately 24 feet tall and will contain pumps with a pumping capacity of 200 gallons per minute.

Rice said the project is necessary because of a larger, federally-mandated program to decommission the aging pump station located across the creek from the new site and adjacent to property owned by Hands Across Mathews. She said the old pump station is at 75 percent capacity and has reached the end of its useful life.

“This project will provide updated infrastructure that will help ensure HRSD’s ability to protect public health and the environment for decades to come,” said Rice. “The new pump station will be able to handle the expected growth of Mathews County over the coming years.”

HRSD currently serves approximately 370 residential and business customers in Mathews, said Rice, but those local customers won’t be expected to foot the bill for the $3.3 million project. Instead, HRSD annually sets rates on a region-wide basis, and all customers pay the same rate, based on usage.