VIMS researchers receive Cozzarelli Prize

- Posted on May 01, 2019 - 01:59 PM

Two researchers at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Gloucester Point, were honored Sunday by the National Academy of Sciences with the Cozzarelli Prize for their contributions to a piece of 2018 scholarship on submerged aquatic vegetation.

The study, which drew on decades of data, linked the reduction in nutrient pollution to the resurgence of SAV in the Chesapeake Bay region.

The paper appeared in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, one of the most frequently sited scholarly publications in the world. The Cozzarelli Prize recognizes “outstanding contributions to the six scientific disciplines represented by the National Academy of Sciences,” a press release stated.

Receiving honors were Dr. Johnathan Lefcheck and Dr. Robert “JJ” Orth. Lefcheck, who earned his Ph.D. from VIMS in 2015, led the research team. Orth runs the SAV Monitoring and Restoration program at VIMS.

“It’s an incredible honor to be recognized by the academy for our work,” said Lefcheck. “To show that we can intervene and help restore our natural systems, in a place as large and complex as the Chesapeake, gives me hope for the future.”