Preserving year-round Jan Towne makes 37 varieties, and as many ways to use them

Betty Wrenn Day - Posted on May 08, 2019 - 12:51 PM


For many who enjoy making jams and jellies, their preserving time usually arrives in late spring and ends in the fall. That does not hold true for Jan Towne of Onemo. She makes jams and jellies all through the year, winter included.

“My products are seasonal,” Jan explains. Eliminating fresh fruits from her list, you find many unusual ingredients that also make good jellies or jams such as wild violets, Meyer lemon, honeysuckle and the list goes on (note in her recipes other unusual varieties). Annually Jan has made 37 different varieties.

Finding her special ingredients is not always easy. “I keep looking and when I find what I can use, the first thing I ask the property owner is if this area has been sprayed or treated for insects. When the answer is no, then I know I can use it—if they graciously allow me to harvest. All my jams and jellies are natural and not colored in any way.

“I make each flavor in small batches and pack them in 4-ounce and 8-ounce jars. Once I have sold out of one flavor, that is it for the year until the next season rolls around.”

Jan can be found at Mathews Farmers’ Market each Saturday possible. Not only does she offer the jams and jellies for sale, but she also has a tasting corner. She even provides written suggestions on various ways to use her products with other foods, and seven ways to use jams and jellies that don’t involve toast.