One-pot cooking

by Betty Wrenn Day - Posted on Nov 14, 2018 - 01:22 PM

Photo: Nicole Brown finds using her Instant Pot for family meals gives her more time for relaxation.

Nicole Brown finds using her Instant Pot for family meals gives her more time for relaxation.

She is a mother of two boys, six and nine years old, wife of Andy Brown, a deputy in the York County Sheriff’s Office, and a Registered Nurse working in the Labor and Delivery units of Sentara hospital. Her lifestyle is a busy one.

But when her mother offered the use of her new Instant Pot (a brand name), Nicole Brown’s kitchen life became much smoother and easier. “We were to share it but I don’t think I’m going to give it up.”

Nicole finds the pot not only a great saver of time but also said, “Everything I have made with it is delicious. My first experience was cooking sweet potatoes. You know how long it takes in the oven, not mentioning how long it takes to heat the oven to 400°F. Well, with my Instant Pot it takes about 15 minutes.”

There are many excellent features to recommend the Instant Pot. Nicole can tell you in a second, “In one pot you can sauté, brown and then add ingredients to make up your recipe. You can time all your cooking, even delayed programmable start times. There are many special settings including slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, and warmer allowing for all types of recipes. For our family I like to cook soups in larger amounts so there is some for freezing. You can cook a meal in one pot thus eliminating so many pots and pans. I’m a believer in it.”

Nicole says she loves to cook and learned from her mother and grandmother who were both good cooks. “Meals at my grandmother’s were special. No one cooks today like grandmothers used to when everything was made from scratch. I like to use real foods and real ingredients making my meals of good healthy foods using recipes that are easy and delicious.”

At the Brown home in Gloucester Nicole says, “I do the pot cooking but Andy does the grilling. He has nothing to do with the Instant Pot.”

With a little time off from work Nicole hopes to spend more time with her family and having more time just being a mommy. “When time gives us a chance I like going out to eat.”

The Instant Pot Company was founded in 2009 by a team of Canadian technology veterans who set out to explore the food preparation category based on their own personal life experiences. Their objective was to find solutions that would enable busy families and professionals to prepare quality food in less time. In late 2010 the Instant Pot was introduced. Each year new features have been added to the Instant Pot, using microprocessors and Bluetooth technology that wirelessly connects users to the pot. Cooks can program and monitor their cooking from mobile devices. The company’s goal was to give the world good cooking in one pot and with this Nicole agrees.

Note: Information on  the Instant Pot was taken from “The History of Instant Pot.”