Bank of America branch to close July 30

Sherry Hamilton - Posted on May 08, 2019 - 01:05 PM

The Bank of America branch in Mathews Court House will be closing its doors for good on July 30.

The decision to close was shared in an April 19 email to account holders from customer service at the bank’s corporate offices. No individual’s name was included, but there was a link to a webpage where the customer could make an appointment, if necessary, and customers with questions were urged to drop by the Mathews bank before it closes. The email also included the address of the next closest Bank of America branch in Grafton.

The email said that accounts will stay the same and reminded customers that they may continue to use mobile and online banking, direct deposit, and banking by telephone. Those with safe deposit boxes were instructed to close them even if they’re empty. In addition, a note in the email said that ATM services “at this location” will remain open. However, it wasn’t clear whether the note referred to the Mathews site or another Bank of America banking center.

The county’s property assessment database values the property at $2,394,800. An employee at the bank said on Tuesday morning that employees couldn’t comment on the closure.


The 17,000-square-foot building where Bank of America is located was built on a four-acre parcel in 1979 by the Farmers Bank of Mathews, which is still listed as the owner in county records, but with Bank of America’s address in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In 1983, the bank was acquired by Sovran Bank, which operated at the site until 1991, when Sovran was purchased by North Carolina National Bank and became NationsBank. In 1998, NationsBank and BankAmerica merged, to form Bank of America.