Village Blacksmith launches Blacksmith Date Night

Peter J. Teagle - Posted on May 08, 2019 - 01:04 PM

George Cramer, better known as The Village Blacksmith, has a new iron in the fire when it comes to boosting tourism to Gloucester’s Main Street. The craftsman has launched a new “custom experience” he is calling Blacksmith Date Night.

Groups of five to seven couples join Cramer in his shop located on Gloucester Street just off Main Street and forge a custom item with one couple being drawn at random to take it home at the end of the session. Items made in past sessions have included a steak flipper and skewer grill set, bottle openers, and decorative horseshoe hearts.

“The whole premise is for people to come in with no experience and leave with an idea of what they’re doing,” said Cramer. “Plus we have all the couples there taking turns on the project, so it’s fun little banter back and forth.” Blacksmith Date Night is priced at $52 a couple.

The idea started as a Valentine’s Day special across the first two weeks of February, but the three sessions sold out so quickly that Cramer has now decided to make it a custom event package.

“Well, at first we just wanted to gauge interest on if people would be into doing something different but it’s been a pretty big hit,” the blacksmith stated. Cramer has also opened the hour and a half session to groups for private or corporate events, with each group selecting their project.