ETC Vintage moves to Cobbs Creek

Sherry Hamilton - Posted on Mar 20, 2019 - 12:02 PM

ETC Vintage, a vintage and antique shop, has moved from its previous location in downtown Mathews to the intersection of Buckley Hall Road and Twiggs Ferry Road in Cobbs Creek. On March 1, it opened at the new location, which formerly housed Queens Creek Flea Market.

Owners Bill and Cathy Walker said the new building offers double the vendor space of the old one, along with plenty of space for storage. They said that all of the vendors who rent booths from them made the move, as well.

“They all have a real knack for display,” said Cathy Walker. “Each booth is different, but they’re all polished and attractive and contribute to the whole.”

In addition to added space for vendors, said Walker, there are now wider aisles to accommodate customers and provide room for moving larger items, and there are lots of windows for natural light.

“A customer came in after we opened and said, “I love it; it looks like a store that would be in Williamsburg,’” said Walker.

The Walkers began working in the retail business while Walker was a teacher. She conceived of and developed The Thrifty Spot, a non-profit thrift store that gave special education students at Mathews High School experience in real-world merchandising. As retirement approached, she decided it was something she had the knack for and wanted to pursue on her own.