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Everyone’s favorite: Cantaloupe is now in season

It’s easy to understand why the cantaloupe with its refreshing rich flavor and aroma and minimal calories is the most popular variety of melon in the United States. The peak season runs from June through August, yet the cantaloupe has become increasingly available throughout the year.

Are what we call cantaloupes really cantaloupes? According to "Cantaloupe Food Facts," "Cantaloupe History," and "History of Cantaloupes," muskmelons have been masquerading as cantaloupes in the U.S. for many years. A true cantaloupe is not netted, has deep grooves, a hard warty rind, and orange or green flesh. It is grown in Europe, but rarely in this country, where the population easily makes the distinction between muskmelon and cantaloupe.

The muskmelons (hereafter referred to as cantaloupes) that most Americans call cantaloupes have distinct netted or webbed rind. When sliced, the hollow cavity is filled with seeds encased in a web of strings. Cantaloupe is a...

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