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Editorial: Tilting at windmills

Oil became king, as predicted in 1918; and decades later, in the 1970s, America faced an energy crisis as oil-producing countries jacked up prices and limited supply.

So, in that long-ago decade, the nation started to think about alternative energy. The present reflects the past. Here are excerpts from an editorial that appeared in the Gazette-Journal on Sept. 16, 1976: "Will Windmills Help?"

"The rising cost of importing foreign oil and the tremendous expense involved in building nuclear generating plants adds urgency to the need for developing alternate sources of energy." (2010 note: Urgency? Ha!)

"Government and private sector scientists are working hard on development of solar heat, which systems have proved feasible in some areas…much hope is being held out for its ultimate development into a workable, practical system." (2010 note: Still expensive.)

"Now comes another proposal to which serious attention is being given. Windmill...

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