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A slander against the progressives

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I look forward to your letters to the editor, particularly the ones from the far right. They’re amusing in the same way that an eccentric uncle is. Persons who freely interchange the terms Fascism, Socialism and Communism without any apparent knowledge of their meaning or history can’t be taken too seriously.

But a recent letter by Dawn Dale cannot go unanswered. Her remark that "the so-called progressives on the left have zero love for America and even less for our Constitution and the values that grew from it" is a vile, despicable statement. That is a slander against progressives who have proudly served our nation in its armed forces.

In fact, the vast majority of prominent progressives in the Senate and Congress have served. The vast majority of prominent conservatives have not. See

Next Ms. Dale seeks to equate Bible precepts with the Constitution with regard to gay...

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