Devils lose two, win one in soccer

by Anna C. Hudgins - Posted on May 08, 2013 - 03:30 PM

The Mathews High School varsity soccer team can’t seem to catch a break this season, with an unfortunate 3-1 loss against West Point, followed by a 2-0 win at Middlesex, trailed by a disappointing 6-0 shutout loss at West Point.

The Devils hosted West Point two weeks ago, for an exciting first half and a let-down in the second half. Most of the first half remained scoreless until West Point had a break and was able to get past the Devils’ defense. Shortly after the second half began, West Point ramped up the offense and had 10 shots on goal, two that went into the back of the net. The Devils’ lone goal was scored by senior Jacob Johnson.

The Devils created quality scoring chances for themselves in the next game at Middlesex last Wednesday. Throughout the entire game against the Chargers, the team repeatedly put itself in position to light up the scoreboard. But the ball kept clanging off the post, bouncing off the crossbar or barely soaring over it. Mathews eventually started putting some in the back of the net, with one goal each by senior captains Glenn Musgrove and Johnson. The Devils’ defense kept the Chargers in check, allowing only nine shots on goal compared to their 30.

On Monday, the Devils travelled to West Point. The first and last 15 minutes of the game were hard-fought, but for the remaining time, the Devils lost the fire that they had had against Middlesex.