VMRC to hold hearings on summer flounder regulations

Bill Nachman - Posted on Feb 20, 2013 - 01:49 PM

The Virginia Marine Resources Commission will hold five public hearings pertaining to seafood matters in a meeting Tuesday at its headquarters in Newport News.

The commission will consider proposed amendments to regulations pertaining to summer flounder. Spokesman John Bull said the VMRC will be asked to establish the 2013 recreational fishery management measures and to consider an industry request to increase the landing limit of 10,000 pounds from the commercial summer flounder fishery outside of Virginia, to 12,500 pounds, per 15-day landing period, effective the first Monday in March.

On a separate matter, Bull said the commission will hold a hearing to consider the establishment of a limited permitting system, for the American shad bycatch allowance fishery, to comply with interstate management plan requirements, and to assign fishing permits in a fair and equitable manner.