Gloucester resident takes part in fantasy wargaming

Kim Robins - Posted on Oct 10, 2012 - 02:20 PM

Bryan Jenkins of Gloucester hopes to get some other Middle Peninsula fantasy war gamers to join him as a member of the ORCS Wargaming Club Inc. based in Hampton.

Jenkins said ORCS, which stands for Organized Recreational Combat Simulation, is a LARP, or live-action role play, group formed in 2001. He has been participating in the Hampton club’s events for about seven years.

Every other week or so, about 50 of the club members gather, most regularly at Hampton’s Gosnold Hope Park, in costume and armor to fight full-contact mock medieval battles with padded weapons. Role- playing is involved and a little magic.

"We are defined more as a LARP due to our magic system. It is a small, balanced system that is easy to learn for new players to the game. We also have classes to choose from for your character, including mages, clerics and druids," Jenkins explained.