Devils have high hopes for track championships

Sally Taylor - Posted on May 18, 2011 - 05:03 PM

The Mathews High School track team competed in its last regular season meet at West Point High School last Wednesday. Official results have yet to be released. However, it was clear both the MHS boys’ and girls’ teams were successful, raising coach Tony Forrest’s hopes for the postseason.

When discussing the district championships scheduled to take place yesterday at West Point, Forrest said, "We’re hoping to defend our district title on the boys’ side for the third year in a row and win it for the girls for the first time in a long time."

Nancy Barnhardt, a captain and top distance runner, was finally able to return for the meet last Wednesday after a prolonged period of rest after an injury and did very well in spite of the layoff. Forrest was extremely happy to have her back on the track.

Further, both teams have numerous members seeded first in one or more events for the district meet, including Christine Robbins, Sally Taylor, Emily Brown, Kaylyn Kelly, Katelyn Dehnert, Jessica Nelson, Russell Reed, Ian Smith, and C.J. Kelly.

Kelly recently met the national silver standard in the discus throw, giving him status as a national elite player.