MHS crew places second in efficiency at home regatta

- Posted on May 11, 2011 - 04:23 PM

The Mathews High School men’s crew retained the William F. Owens Memorial Men’s Trophy, while the MHS women’s crew placed second in the running for the Catharine K. Owens Memorial Women’s Trophy during Saturday’s 23rd annual MHS Regatta at Williams Wharf.

Approximately 2,500 spectators and competitors turned out, as 15 teams competed in 45 scheduled events in a full day of racing on the East River.

Awarding of the trophies is based on a team’s efficiency at netting the best possible results in their entries. Netted points for each event out of assigned possible points are totaled and the resulting percentages represent their efficiency.

Forest Park High School from Prince William County was the top overall team in efficiency points with 50.6 percent (178 earned points out of a possible 352), followed by Mathews with 48.9 percent (88 out of 180) and third going to South County in Lorton with 48.4 percent (162 out of 335).

Of the 13 entries from MHS, the Blue Devils pulled three gold, a silver and four bronze finishes. Among the MHS highlights, the men’s varsity four of Zach Payne, Phillip Machen, Andrew Merz, Cole Johnson and coxswain Trevor Thomas placed first with the fastest time of 16 entries, first and third in the men’s double out of a field of 11 entries and first in the men’s quad.

For the women, freshmen Ashley Payne, Taylor Williams, Chelsea Jones and Madisson Haynes took fourth in their heat of quads, pulled second in the junior four and third in the varsity four with coxswain Matt Oliver and then Jones and Payne took third in the women’s double.