Park Partners hope to make this year’s golf tournament different and fun

- Posted on Apr 06, 2011 - 04:26 PM

The annual Park Partners Inc. Golf Tournament will be held Friday, May 20, at the Piankatank River Golf Club. Proceeds support Gloucester parks as well as programs sponsored by the Gloucester Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department.

"Different" and "fun" are the words tournament director Bob Flynn uses to describe this year’s event. "We want to make sure people enjoy their day on the golf course no matter what they shoot because it’s for a great cause," said Flynn.

The 2011 tournament will poke fun at two golfer stereotypes by including a golf club throwing contest and an award for the person with the wildest, craziest outfit. "We want this to be a memorable experience, and we want the serious and the once-a-year golfer to feel welcome," he said.