Marshall, Lindberg win Daffodil 5K race

- Posted on Mar 30, 2011 - 04:21 PM

Douglas Marshall of Mathews, and Christy Lindberg of Gloucester, were the overall winners in Saturday’s Gloucester Daffodil Festival 5K run, according to race coordinator Christy Hurst.

More than 150 people took part in the race, which Hurst called one of the most successful ever. Marshall completed the course in 17:38 to finish first among male runners, while Lindberg finished the race in 22:23 to win the women’s trophy. Rudolph Perkarek (20:22) and Sheri Mann (23:52) were the top masters’ runners for the men and women.

The top three finishers, by age group, were:


20-29 year olds, Jennifer Haywood, 23:34; Erin Jenkins, 24:02; Carey Phillips, 24:26 and Megan Harris, 26:02. 30-39 year olds: Heather Hudgins, 22:47, Carrie Lenhart, 24:07 and Maryanne Kiley, 24:13. 40-49 year olds: Kathy Varnell, 30:00; Lyn Crowley, 32:08 and Kelli Barnhardt, 32:25. 50-59 year olds: Nancy Wilson, 26:52; Julie Gay, 28:31 and Susan Jenkins, 29:18. 60 and over: Rosemary Coleman, time unknown, and Gail Baker, 39:54. Walkers: Elisa Nelson, 37:06, and Beth Roach, 44:47.


Ages 8 and under: James Cockerman, 26:39 and Isaac Perkins, 45:41. 9-12 year olds: Tanner Hurst, 24:17; Colton Spence, 28:39 and Jarrett Medford, 30:00. 13-19 year olds: Noah Kerney, 19:40; Zachary Whitson, 20:06; Logan Touchstone, 23:09. 20-29 year olds: Lee Lockwood, 17:39; Nate Wallace, 18:40 and Dustin Harris, 26:01. 30-39 year olds: Andreas Vesterland, 19:57; Wayne Carr, 20:08 and Jason Anderson, 20:12. 40-49 year olds: Jack Roach, 21:28; Joe Touchstone, 23:10 and Robert Polley, 23:57. 50-59 year olds: John Dudley, 21:22; Lyle Varnell, 23:01 and Randy Randolph, 25:39. 60 and Over: Danny Driscoll, 24:42; Stuart Gibbs, 25:15, and Paul Sharp, 29:21.

Rotary 2 mile fun run

The top winners of the Rotary 2 mile fun run Sunday afternoon from Main Street and Duval Avenue were: First grade female, Kasey Smith; first grade male, Cabot Call; second grade female, Emma Pearson and Brooke Billhimer; second grade male, Dylan Pearce; third grade female, Ava Atkinson; third grade male, Ryan Baker; fourth grade female, Morgan Hines; fourth grade male, Sam Haley; fifth grade female, Livia Abrahamson; fifth grade male, Caleb Hines and Tanner Hurst; sixth grade female, Shyla Bueker; sixth grade male, Jack Corson; eighth grade female, Hailey Sundeen; eighth grade male, Johnny Anderson; kindergarten female, Avery Watkins; kindergarten male, Joey Masiak; adult female, Natalia Bueker, and adult male, Kevin Milby.