Skateboard park receives new equipment

Bill Nachman - Posted on Mar 02, 2011 - 04:29 PM

The skateboard facility at Brown Park, located off Route 14 near the Gloucester village, was recently expanded.

Chris Smith, superintendent of parks for the Gloucester County Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism, said county crews recently set up additional skateboard equipment at the park which had been in storage while a plan was finalized on how to use it. The equipment was donated to Gloucester by the City of Poquoson. Smith said the city decided not to use the equipment and made the donation before Gloucester opened its skateboard facility.

The additional pieces include a 12-foot deck, a five-foot curved ramp, and top launch areas.

Carol Steele, Gloucester’s director of parks, recreation and tourism, said she and other staff members have seen a constant stream of litter at the small skateboard park.