Recreational fishermen take part in VIMS tagging program

Bill Nachman - Posted on Feb 09, 2011 - 04:38 PM

A group of recreational anglers recently took part in a catch-and-release fishing trip on the Elizabeth River held in conjunction with the tagging program at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Gloucester Point.

The program "gives conservation-minded anglers a chance to assist in collecting scientific information about the movements and biology of red drum, flounder, black seabass, tautog, speckled trout, and other recreationally popular species," said Susanna Musick, a marine recreational specialist who manages VIMS’ role in the tagging program.

The catch-and-release trip was held at what anglers have dubbed the "Hot Ditch," the anglers’ name for the warm water outflow channel below Dominion’s Chesapeake Power Plant, said David Malmquist, VIMS’s director of communications.