Mobjack rowers compete at Hampton Erg Pull

- Posted on Feb 12, 2014 - 03:37 PM
{image_2} After a final grueling week of 2000-meter workouts on rowing machines, the Mobjack Rowing Association’s winter training team traveled last Saturday to the 2014 Hampton Erg Pull at Norfolk’s Waterside.
Every team member pulled a personal best for the season and some found a new all-time personal 2000-meter record.
Phillip Machen led the men’s junior open event taking the gold with a personal best of 6:30.1 followed by bronze- winner Sam Hutson, Kyle Moran, Dominic Cummings and Tucker Blackwell who took third, fourth, eighth and ninth, respectively, out of 54 entries. In the men’s junior lightweight (under 155 lbs.) , Lance South and novice Zach Cummings took sixth and 12th of 58, respectively.
Bailey Hamilton, April Young, Kaitlyn James and Mikaela Extine raced in the open weight junior women’s event and came in fifth, sixth, ninth and 14th, respectively, out of 37 competitors. Finishing out the 2,000-meter events, lightweights (under 135 lbs) Taylor Williams, Emma Hudgins, Madisson Haynes, Mackenzie Marbain, Jamie Robins, Logan Howlett and 98 pound Kaitlyn Thompson pulled sixth, eighth, ninth, 12th, 14th, 17th and 20th out of 31.
One of the highlights came in the men’s and women’s 1,000-meter team challenge races. For the men’s challenge, Machen, Hutson, Moran and Blackwell simultaneously raced 1000 meters on four separate ergometers that had monitors connected to a common computer that calculated the boys’ cumulative scores into an average split.