Mathews Community Foundation starts fund for rowing program

- Posted on Dec 24, 2013 - 09:50 AM
The Mathews Community Foundation recently started a fund to support the Mobjack Rowing Association. The fund has been established in honor of the association’s founder Tim Ulsaker.
When he formed the rowing association in 1993, Ulsaker said, “It’s always been my intention to make rowing artificially inexpensive for youth.” 
Since that time, the nonprofit group has supported Mathews rowers and rowers from other local schools, primarily Gloucester. The MRA supplements school rowing programs which typically are conducted in the spring only and year-round training has resulted in rowing performance that is known nationally and worldwide.  
In 2010, MCF spokesperson Joan Keith said, the Mobjack Rowing Association team captured seven medals, three of them gold, in the Philadelphia Youth Regatta. In an international regatta held in Vancouver, British Columbia, South American teams brought 140 rowers. French and Irish teams were also large. Keith said the Mobjack Rowing Association brought 35 athletes, and was named third in efficiency two years running.