Paddlers jam Beaverdam for 16th annual competiton

- Posted on Aug 21, 2013 - 01:41 PM

The 16th Beaverdam Canoe Jam at Beaverdam Park drew over two dozen paddlers Saturday to compete on a four-mile course, two-mile course and in a four-person fun race. Race director Karla Havens said conditions were perfect for the annual canoe and kayak event. Results on the four mile course were as follows:

Men cruiser canoe: 1. Jim Farrington of Hampton, 32:43; 2. Kirk Havens of Plain View, 33:38; 3. Ed Sharp of Fredericksburg, 33:40;

Men recreational canoe: 1. Mike Robinson of Fredericksburg, 42:35;

Mix recreational canoe: 1. Emily Skeehan and Chris Skeehan of Portsmouth, 46:14; 2. Nichole Knott and Dan Knott of Gloucester, 49:45;

Adult and child recreational canoe: 1. Johan Balthes and Tony Balthes of Stafford, 1:02:22;

Men recreational canoe pair: 1. Alex Renaud and Ike Irby of Gloucester, 43:44;

Youth women sit-on-top kayak: 1. Meagan Knott of Gloucester;

Youth men sit-on-top kayak: 1. Tanner Hurst of Ware Neck, 1:01:29;

Youth women sea kayak: Abigail Crawford, Milford, 46:08;

Youth men sea kayak: Benjamin Crawford, Milford, 39:40;

Men sea kayak: Calvin Upton of Hampton, 33:02; 2. Carter Clow of Bowling Green, 42:49.

Results on the two-mile course were as follows:

Men recreational canoe: 1. Jim Farrington of Hampton, 15:26;