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The second story of Steve and Emily Leap’s home offers sweeping views of the East River. The couple plans to build a deck on top of the sunroom to better enjoy the views. Photo by Quinton Sheppard
Emily and Steve Leap purchased this home, formerly known as Ample Acres at the Glebe, just over two years ago. Since that time, they have done a complete renovation of the home. Photo by Quinton Sheppard
This is a shot of the living room when the Leaps purchased the home. It was painted green throughout, had plaster damage and carpeting over particle board flooring.
The living room now has fresh paint, new hardwood floors and a new doorway, shown at the back of the room, leading into the home’s office. Photo by Quinton Sheppard
Before: This photo shows a portion of the outdated kitchen that the Leaps completely remodeled. However, they salvaged as much as possible, using the original cabinets and cabinet doors.
After: This photo shows the kitchen as a finished product. Photo by Quinton Sheppard
The floor of the sunroom had layers of varnish on it, which Mrs. Leap took off by hand. Also, the glass had to be replaced because the panes were covered in moisture so much that it was difficult to see outside. Photo by Quinton Sheppard
The home’s den has a cozy feel and overlooks the sunroom, which has expansive views of the East River. Photo by Quinton Sheppard
The home’s office was the only room in the house that did not receive a new coat of paint. The couple decided to keep the dark wood, but said it took a lot of work getting the scars out of the wood from decades of wear. Photo by Quinton Sheppard
The home’s formal dining room has been repainted a beautiful dark blue, which is offset by the white cabinets and panel molding. Photo by Quinton Sheppard
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