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Kris Dunn, left, who was Alyssa Briggs’s first grade teacher when she had her accident, flew in from Colorado and surprised Alyssa, right, at the dedication ceremony for her new vehicle on Saturday evening at Mathews Chapel United Methodist Church, Cobbs Creek. Photo by Quinton Sheppard
The new handicapped-accessible Honda Odyssey van was sitting outside the church. Photo by Quinton Sheppard
Some of Amy Ashberry’s third grade students from last school year were in attendance at the dedication ceremony to show their support for Alyssa. These students were in Ashberry’s class when she first began the Faith in Wheels mission and played a part in helping reach the goal. From left, are Sydney Latimer, Promise Parlett, Jordyn Cosby, Colin Moore, Camren Matthews, Riley Tripp and Bri’onna Taylor. Photo by Quinton Sheppard
Alyssa Briggs, shown here with her mother Carolyn, took some time Saturday night to thank all of those who supported the Faith in Wheels mission. Amy Ashberry, mission coordinator, is shown behind them. Photo by Quinton Sheppard
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