Putt asks for more to be done for Mathews students on a career track

Sherry Hamilton - Posted on Jan 30, 2013 - 02:00 PM

Mathews County Board of Supervisors vice chair Neena Putt told school superintendent Dr. David Holleran during last week’s board meeting that the school system should do more for students who aren’t college-bound.

Concerned about students who will stay in Mathews and become garage mechanics or welders or plumbers or own their own businesses and provide services to local residents, Putt said, "Mathews County needs to put a little more time into that."

Speaking during the Jan. 22 meeting, Holleran said the division has been on par with other districts in career and technical education for the past five or six years. While some adults may feel there’s a need for certain courses, he said, "we’ve gotten burned in the past when we’ve set up a great course and it was not successful."

In one such effort, he said, the county partnered with Middlesex to offer a class that would be taught some days in Mathews and others in Middlesex. The problem is that the students didn’t want to commute.