RCC’s Educational Foundation begins annual giving campaign

- Posted on Dec 26, 2012 - 12:36 PM

Rappahannock Community College’s Educational Foundation (RCC/EFI) recently began its annual giving campaign, "Opportunity 2013," to help assist current and prospective students of the college with scholarship awards.

With state funding for community colleges decreasing and tuition costs rising, more people are looking for financial aid and scholarship awards, according to RCC spokesman Tom Martin.

"As you carefully consider where you will invest your dollars this year, please think first of ‘Opportunity 2013,’" said RCC president Elizabeth "Sissy" Crowther. She said that since 2006, the college has enrolled 54 percent more credit students, doubled its nursing enrollments, added new programs, and automatically transferred students under its 38 guaranteed admission agreements with four-year universities.