Virginia’s on-time graduation rate rises to 88 percent

- Posted on Oct 24, 2012 - 02:05 PM

Eighty-eight percent of the students who entered the ninth grade in the fall of 2008 earned a diploma within four years and of those, more than 55 percent earned an Advanced Studies Diploma, the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) reported on Tuesday.

The statewide dropout rate fell to 6.5 percent for the class of 2012, compared with 7.2 percent for the class of 2011. During the last five years, the statewide dropout rate has fallen by more than 25 percent.

"More students graduating on time from Virginia’s schools means we have more young people who are college- or career-ready," said Gov. Bob McDonnell. "This is good news for all Virginians. While we continue to move in the right direction, our job will not be done until students in every school and every zip code have the opportunity to learn and graduate from high school prepared to succeed at the next level."

Of the 97,023 students in the 2012 cohort, 85,359, or 88 percent, earned a Board of Education-approved diploma.

—47,129 of the cohort, or 48.6 percent, earned an Advanced Studies Diploma (including International Baccalaureate), compared with 47.3 percent of the 2011 cohort and 45.7 percent of the 2010 cohort.

—34,365, or 35.4 percent, earned a Standard Diploma.

—1,756, or 1.8 percent, earned a Modified Standard Diploma.

—2,106, or 2.2 percent, earned a Special Diploma.

Modified Standard Diplomas and Special Diplomas are available only to students with disabilities.