Mathews board approves policy revisions

Charlie Koenig - Posted on Jul 18, 2012 - 02:30 PM

The Mathews County School Board approved a number of revised policies and regulations for the coming school year during its meeting Tuesday night in the Mathews High School media center.

Many of the policy changes were taken from drafts prepared by the Virginia School Boards Association in response to changes in state regulations. During discussion, vice chairman Jen Little questioned a change in the policy concerning staff participation in political activities.

Little asked how the policy would affect teachers who serve for sponsors of student political organizations, such as the Young Democrats or Young Republicans. The draft policy states that "school time and school property should not be used for partisan political purposes." While MHS does not currently have student political clubs, it did have them in the past.

Superintendent of Schools David J. Holleran said he would consult the VSBA about the policy in relation to these student clubs. The board approved the remaining policies and regulations, making a minor change to the proposed policy regarding student use of smartphones, tablets and similar devices. Students are permitted to use such devices on campus if they follow set guidelines, including not accessing them during instructional time. The minor change involved creating uniform language to describe the devices, removing antiquated references to such things as beepers and Personal Digital Assistants.