Top Latin students honored at GHS

- Posted on Jul 23, 2010 - 06:36 PM

Gloucester High School Latin teacher Shirley Ryan has announced her students’ results on the 2010 National Latin Exam.

Matthew Cross, a 2010 graduate and fourth year Latin student, posted a summa cum laude score to earn his fourth gold medal. He was one of 428 Latin students nationwide to earn their fourth gold medal with the 2010 exam, and each received an Oxford Classical Dictionary from the National Latin Exam Committee to mark the achievement.

In other GHS Latin IV results, Thomas Emory had a magna cum laude score and Rachel Drinnon scored cum laude. Among Latin III students, David Shields was a gold medal winner and magna cum laude scores were posted by Nathaniel Millard, Gabriel Brown and Patrick Rice.

Latin II students Cameron Cross and Aaron Reeves earned gold medals and silver medals for maxima cum laude scores went to Shelley Brown, Cierra Young, Caitlin Jamison, Lauren Phelps, Emma Hepworth and Rachel Shipley. Magna cum laude certificates went to Aaron O’Neil and Stephen Sherrange and cum laude certificates to Parker Pittman, Douglas Game and Kayla McCuistion.

Latin I students Deborah Hanna, Lee Siegle, Dale Mathieu, Alice Smith-Hutchison and Bridget Polk received cum laude certificates.