RCC enrollment figures far outpacing rest of Virginia

- Posted on Jul 20, 2011 - 04:11 PM

Recent Virginia Community College System statistics show that Rappahannock Community College had the greatest percentage of increase in head-count enrollment among the 23 colleges of the system during the academic year of 2010-11.

RCC’s head-count increase was 9.9 percent, as compared to the system average of just over two percent, according to school spokesperson Tom Martin. "In full-time equivalent enrollments (calculated by dividing the total number of credits taken by all students by the 15 credits considered a full course load), RCC scored second of the 23 colleges with a 10.2 percent increase; the system average was 4.8 percent," Martin said.

Greater-than-average growth means that RCC receives "a slightly bigger portion of the (VCCS) funding pie, which has been very useful these past several years," said RCC president Elizabeth Crowther.