State schools lauded for response to H1N1 virus

- Posted on Jun 25, 2010 - 01:38 PM

The National School Public Relations Association awarded a Golden Achievement Award to the Virginia Department of Education in recognition of the success of the H1N1 influenza communications campaign last year in cooperation with the Virginia Department of Health. The award honors exemplary public relations activities, programs and projects.

The awareness campaign was designed to ensure that the decisions of division-level and building-level educators, administrators and health professionals were informed by timely, accurate and school-specific information about the control and prevention of H1N1 influenza and to raise awareness in school communities.

"This communication campaign was critical to the success of Virginia Public Schools in managing H1N1 influenza," said Patricia Wright, state superintendent of instruction. State health commissioner Dr. Karen Remley added, "School nurses contributed to the success of the H1N1 influenza vaccination campaign on the front lines, working earnestly to educate students, parents and school staff while assisting in the H1N1 vaccination efforts."