School board requests $800,000 in additional appropriations

Kim Robins - Posted on Nov 17, 2010 - 05:28 PM

The Gloucester School Board voted on Tuesday, Nov. 9 to send a request to county supervisors for three additional appropriations totaling over $800,000. One request is for $59,830, representing the balance in the school division’s fiscal year 2010 operating fund. The money will be used to partially address a HVAC problem at Botetourt Elementary School.

The school board is also seeking the balance of $244,055 in federal funds that came to the division through the Virginia Fiscal Stabilization Fund. That money will be used to purchase new student information software to replace outdated programs. The division already expended $1.76 million of its $2 million stabilization allocation.

The board is additionally seeking $500,000 of its $1.249 million allocation under the federal Education Jobs Fund Program. Thirty-thousand dollars of those funds will be used to hire a licensed practical nurse to assist the Gloucester High School nurse, and the remaining money will be used to fund personnel as needed during the current school year. The board plans to hold the remaining approximately $700,000 in reserve to help meet an anticipated budget shortfall in FY2012.