ALMP celebrates GED graduation, naturalization ceremony

- Posted on Dec 04, 2013 - 01:59 PM
Adult Literacy on the Middle Peninsula, Inc., celebrated one graduation from its GED program and the naturalization of one of its students during November.
Norma Jean Vickers, the graduate, took one-on-one tutoring and long-distance learning to complete her GED, said ALMP program manager Rhoda-Jo Stress. The organization honored her in a graduation ceremony surrounded by members of her large family, Stress said.
In addition, Xiu Zhen Meade took her oath of allegiance to become a citizen of the United States last month. Assisted by ALMP tutor Jennifer Howland in a civics education course, she passed her citizenship tests, oral and written, and took the oath on Nov. 18 in Norfolk Federal Court.