State BOE approves A-F school grading system

- Posted on Nov 26, 2013 - 02:52 PM
The Virginia Board of Education unanimously approved an A-F grading system that will assign letter grades to schools based on the percentages of students demonstrating proficiency, academic growth and college and career readiness, Governor Bob McDonnell announced Nov. 21.  
McDonnell said initial letter grades will be announced at the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year and will accompany school accreditation ratings.
McDonnell proposed an A-F grading system as part of his ALL STUDENTS 2013 education agenda. The 2013 General Assembly subsequently directed the BOE to create an A-F scale based on performance, state and federal accountability standards and student growth indicators.
“The A-F grading system relies on criteria that will capture a school’s overall performance and growth, college and career readiness and the success of schools in raising achievement of their lowest performing students. The new grading system will better enable us to track school performance and improve education for all Virginia students by unitizing an easy to understand and familiar format,” McDonnell said.
Under the system adopted by the board, 50 percent of the grade of an elementary or middle school will be based on overall proficiency in English, mathematics, science and history/social science; 25 percent on overall growth in English and mathematics; and 25 percent on growth in English and mathematics among the school’s lowest performing students.