GHS Latin students earn high marks on national exam

- Posted on Jul 31, 2013 - 01:57 PM

Gloucester High School Latin teacher Shirley Ryan presented certificates and medals at the end of the school year to her students who did well on the National Latin Exam.The students scored as follows:

Latin I: cum laude, Debbie Guzzardo, Madison Hutson, Morgan Haywood and Russell Simpson; magna cum laude, Bethany Bragg, Tyler Pluim, Mary Haydon, Nicole Rilee and Chris Reynolds; maxima cum laude, silver medal, Logan Touchstone; summa cum laude, gold medal, Parker Ronquest and Anna Robins. Ronquest and Robins were also recognized for perfect test scores.

Latin II: magna cum laude, Kelcy Deagle, Christopher Clay, Gavin Jowers; maxima cum laude, Blake Waravdekar, Nancy Milroy and Wallace Whitt; summa cum laude, Joni Jeter.

Latin III: cum laude, Ashton Sherman, Jenna Reed, Tiffany Adams, Jacob Ewell, magna cum laude, Jeffrey Hooker; maxima cum laude, Matthew Holm, Patience Thompson and Casey Keller; summa cum laude, Darby McCreary.

Latin IV: cum laude, Dale Mathieu, Charles Hardaway and John Northstein; maxima cum laude, Lee Siegle.