505 graduate from Rappahannock Community College

- Posted on Jun 19, 2013 - 01:47 PM

Rappahannock Community College officials bestowed 664 degrees and certificates to 505 members of the class of 2013 during the school’s 41st commencement ceremony held May 10 on RCC’s Warsaw campus.

"Beautiful lawn, beautiful day, beautiful graduating class," said RCC president Elizabeth Crowther as she welcomed attendees to the open-air ceremony. "This is an exciting time in so many lives."

RCC dean of technology and distance education Leslie Smith served both as the keynote speaker and as the bearer of the ceremonial mace.

"In 1973, the most advanced technology we had was the IBM Selectric," Smith said. "That was state of the art for us." Through all the advances that have occurred since then, she has remained aware that, "the tool doesn’t matter, as long as you know how to use it and be productive with it."

Smith’s advice to the current graduates was to live by the three Ps: "pride, passion, and proactivity."

Pride in a job well done, she said, was something that would sustain them in any difficulties they met, whether they transferred to another college or went directly into the workforce; and entwined with that pride must be a passion for whatever they worked at.

"I have always been passionate about my job … even the challenges," she said. "The only thing that kept me going all these years is that I loved what I did."

About the last element, proactivity, Smith said. "Don’t just let life happen to you. You can’t stand back—you have to move forward."

Gloucester graduates included Joann Abbate, Kara Adams, Cody Adams, Aisha Askew, Tina Bartelli, Lily Beattie, Kristina Blevins (summa cum laude), Zachary Brandt, Melissa Bredlau, Melinda Brooks, Flora Brunjes, Alexis Burrell, Angela Cannon, Victoria Carmine, Nita Carter, Yekaterina Cheremeteff, Diane Compagnone, Forrest Conner, Jamie Craig, Stephanie Curtis, Amanda DiSpirito (summa cum laude), Joshua Divine (summa cum laude), Jarell Dunbar, Britni Edwards, Benjamin Endres;

Also, Catherine Enz, James Fore II, Bryan Garrison (summa cum laude), Emily Gedicke, Gregory Graham, Michael Greeley, Jaclyn Greene, Jessica Grogan, Liana Harbour, Kelsey Harper, Chassiti Hayes, Sheri Henderson, Henry Holmes, Holly Jackson (summa cum laude), Daniel Jenkins (summa cum laude), Nicholas Kerns, Annmarie Krahl, James Kurtz, Amanda Lacombe, Tré Maurice Larimore, Michael Lee, Jessica Leone, Megan Lewis, Vincent Lewis, Thomas Mainwaring, Jennifer McCaffrey, Caitlin McGowan, Alonso Mena, Taylor Morgan, Matthew Morrison, Karen Mortensen, Lee Nebrotskie, Krystel Nicholas, Lindsey Norman, Winona Pearson (summa cum laude), Robert Piatt, Parker Pittman, Linda Polk;