Proposal causes dispute between supervisor, wetlands board member

by Sherry Hamilton - Posted on May 01, 2013 - 02:23 PM

The Mathews County Wetlands Board was scheduled to hold a public hearing last night on an application by the Mathews Land Conservancy for construction at its Williams Wharf site.

However, even before that meeting was called, the issue was a matter of contention between a wetlands board member and a county supervisor.

In separate interviews with the Gazette-Journal, wetlands board member Ted Broderson and supervisor Neena Putt discussed a telephone call that transpired between them last week. Their accounts of the conversation were similar regarding the substance of the call, but each said the other was rude and belligerent.

The subject of the call was an application to build a large boathouse/rowing center with associated docks out over the water at Williams Wharf, impacting several thousand square feet of wetlands.

The land conservancy tabled the application in January when wetlands board members said they couldn’t support the project without an effort by the applicant to minimize the impact the building would have on wetlands.

According to both accounts, Putt asked Broderson what his position was on the project and he said he had serious concerns about the wetlands impact.

Putt said that Broderson told her it was illegal to place a building over wetlands, and that she asked him to show her in writing that it was illegal, but he refused.