Shoreline improvement project unanimously approved

by Bill Nachman - Posted on Apr 17, 2013 - 01:17 PM

The Gloucester County Wetlands Board approved one shoreline improvement application during a meeting Wednesday, April 10, in the colonial courthouse.

Following a public hearing, the board unanimously approved the application of John Doley, with modifications.

Linda Walthall, permit technician in the environmental department of the Gloucester Codes Compliance Office, said that Doley was granted authorization to install beach nourishment and a low timber groin 48 feet channelward of mean high water adjacent to property situated along the York River at 7952 Hermit Lane.

Secretary Walter Priest made a motion to approve the 48-foot groin with the increase of 24 cubic yards of beach nourishment instead of the 12 cubic yards shown in the application. Bronco Bayless seconded the motion, which passed 7-0.

Following its meeting, the wetlands board sat as the Gloucester County Chesapeake Bay Preservation & Erosion Commission. The commission held one public hearing.

James C. and Faye B. Jones sought buffer modification to the 100 foot Resource Protection Area to construct a roof over an existing landing created by Federal Emergency Management Agency elevation at 9881 Breezy Point Lane.