Boat ramp at Gloucester Point Beach undergoing repairs

by Bill Nachman - Posted on Feb 27, 2013 - 02:24 PM

Repairs to a finger pier at the county’s boat ramp at Gloucester Point Beach are expected to be completed by early spring, said Chris Smith, superintendent of parks for the Gloucester Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism.

Riverworks, a marine construction firm based in Gloucester, has been contracted to do the repairs. A portion of a finger pier was damaged by Hurricane Sandy last fall.

According to Smith, waves caused some of the boards on one of the two finger piers at the ramp to buckle. The pier is still usable, he said, although county staff painted the raised boards white to warn boaters of the uneven surface.

A crew is to begin repairs next week, Smith said, which are expected to be completed within several weeks.

Nickie Champion, Gloucester’s finance director, said Feb. 21 that Riverworks will be paid $4,500 for the job.

Carol Steele, director of parks, recreation and tourism, said in a Feb. 14 memorandum to County Administrator Brenda Garton that the insurance company has approved the claim for damage to the finger pier.