Collection of 2012 taxes in Gloucester going well

by Bill Nachman - Posted on Feb 20, 2013 - 01:26 PM

Gloucester County is doing well this year with its collection of newly delinquent 2012 real estate and personal property taxes, treasurer Tara Thomas said.

Only 4.79 percent of last year’s total real estate levy remained to be collected as of Jan. 31, Thomas said, with 12.67 percent of personal property levy outstanding as of that date.

Delinquent notices were put in the mail this week, with 8,072 personal property notices and 1,851 real estate notices, Thomas said. Late fees are applied to taxes that are in arrears.

According to Thomas, the total 2012 real estate levy was $27,353,806.56, with the June and December installments each at $13,676,903.28. The latest tax bills were mailed Oct. 31, 2012, with a due date of Dec. 5.

Meanwhile, Thomas said that the 2012 total personal property levy was $12,032,760.68, with each installment at $6,016,390.34.

In other county news, Thomas said an auction of delinquent property will be held at noon on Wednesday, March 6, at the colonial courthouse. About a dozen properties will be up for sale, she said.

Commissioner of the Revenue Kevin Wilson said applications for real estate tax relief for the elderly and disabled have been mailed.