Wetlands board approves four applications

by Sherry Hamilton - Posted on Feb 13, 2013 - 01:29 PM

The Mathews Wetlands Board approved four applications for construction that will impact wetlands during its meeting last Wednesday, but denied a portion of one of the applications.

John Dixon of Gwynn’s Island had applied for a permit to install 19 feet of riprap and 16 feet of bulkhead along the shoreline of his property at 168 Gatten Road on Keeble Creek. He explained that he needed to stabilize the shoreline and that a bulkhead along a portion of it would allow his neighbors to continue to be able to access the beach and would help protect their septic system.

In addition, he said it would be difficult for children to navigate over riprap, and that a bulkhead would make it easier for them to access the beach and for him to take his catamarans down to the water.

But board member Katy Walden explained that a bulkhead is not the preferred method for stabilizing shoreline, and Ted Broderson said he wasn’t supportive of installing a bulkhead to enhance access when it could cause adverse impacts in the long run. He suggested building a platform over the rocks, but Dixon said that was cumbersome. He said everyone else in the area had a bulkhead and that they do a good job.

Explaining further that riprap is an environmentally sound method of erosion control, while a bulkhead is not, Broderson moved to approve the riprap and deny the bulkhead. The board agreed unanimously.

Greg Dusenberry of the Inn at Tabbs Creek in Port Haywood was issued a permit to remove an existing pier and replace it with a new commercial pier that will be 5’ x 80’ with a 256-square-foot pier head and a 200-square-foot floating dock and five mooring piles. The project will be along the Tabbs Creek shoreline at 384 Turpin Lane.