Resource council being formed in Mathews

by Sherry Hamilton - Posted on Jan 30, 2013 - 12:43 PM

Ashley Corbett of Gloucester, knows first-hand the value of networking. A single mother, her 15-month-old daughter Madison is disabled from a heart condition, and this past winter the family needed a heating system for their home.

A call for help was put out through the Gloucester Resource Council, and within two weeks, someone had located a heat pump and a contractor to install it. The family had a heating system, clean ducts, and floor insulation before winter began.

Ashley said she was grateful for all the help.

"A lot of guys came out here," she said. "They were wonderful to help us out."

Now, a handful of agencies, civic organizations, churches and nonprofit groups in Mathews are working together to form a Mathews Resource Council so the same kind of networking can benefit Mathews residents. The plan is to meet monthly to discuss needs and develop plans to address those needs, just as the Gloucester Resource Council does.