Living shoreline grant not approved

by Bill Nachman - Posted on Jan 16, 2013 - 12:11 PM

The Gloucester Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department received notification that a grant application to plant a living shoreline at the John’s Point Boat Landing was not funded.

"Other sources for the project will be explored," Parks, Recreation and Tourism director Carol E. Steele said in a Dec. 11 memorandum to County Administrator Brenda G. Garton.

On other boat landing activity, Steele said that gates were installed on county property near the end of Maundy Creek and Jenkins Neck Road to prevent illegal dumping on the site. Also, a meeting was held recently at Oliver Boat Landing regarding signage and law enforcement issues.

In her parks update, Steele said that bids were issued for repair of the right finger pier of the boat ramp at Gloucester Point Beach Park that was damaged during Hurricane Sandy.

At Beaverdam Park, the vehicle count for the Roaring Springs Road entrance was 3,698 in November, while the Fary’s Mill Road entrance had 1,435 vehicles. The counts were about the same as last year for both entrances, Steele said.

At Woodville Park, volunteers continued clearing land for additional athletic fields, Steele said, while PRT staff worked on wetland delineation for the back 50 acres. Staff and volunteers planted a new "wedding garden" that was funded by a donation from Harry Corr.