Cuts to constitutional offices part of overall county cost reductions

by Sherry Hamilton - Posted on Nov 14, 2012 - 01:26 PM

Mathews County Administrator Mindy Moran recently clarified a matter that came before the board of supervisors during its October meeting.

Treasurer Wendy Stewart and Commissioner of the Revenue Les Hall both made statements requesting that the county not go forward with reductions in the supplements it provides each office for employee salaries. Beginning Jan. 1, the county will reduce the supplement for the treasurer’s office by $5,249.43 and the commissioner’s office by $5,259.58.

Moran explained that the Virginia Board of Compensation requires the county to match part of the salaries of the commissioner and the treasurer ($6,821 and $6,804 respectively) and to also pay matching amounts for each of three positions in the commissioner’s office and two positions in the treasurer’s office. All of these personnel are employed by the constitutional officer, not by the county.

Individually, according to a budget sheet provided by Moran, the required matches range from $3,750 for a clerk in the commissioner’s office (for a total state-mandated salary of $7,500 for that position) to $9,928 for a clerk in the treasurer’s office (for a total state-mandated salary of $19,856).