School board members to hold retreat in Charlottesville

By Kim Robins - Posted on Oct 24, 2012 - 01:51 PM

Gloucester County School Board members are headed to Charlottesville today for a four-hour retreat at the offices of the Virginia School Boards Association. The six members will be accompanied by school division superintendent Ben Kiser.

Kiser said the retreat will be an opportunity for the board to "regroup," now that it has two new members. Ware district representative Kim Hensley joined the board in January and York district representative Carla Hook joined in July. A third new member is expected to be appointed to the board next month, succeeding the late Jean Pugh.

"Our purpose is really to rethink our processes," said Kiser, who expects the board to talk about communications, both between board members and between the board and the community. "We’ll also discuss ways to improve efficiency in the ways we conduct business," he added.

Board chairman Anita Parker said the retreat will be a time for the board members to review their roles and duties, as well as the way they conduct school business. "You’ve got a learning curve to begin with. I think it will be a good thing, especially with two new board members," she said.