Planners to discuss signage amendment tonight

by Bill Nachman - Posted on Oct 03, 2012 - 11:59 AM

The Gloucester County Planning Commission will meet at 7:30 tonight in the colonial courthouse. A public hearing will begin at 7:45 about a code amendment for non-residential, permanent, off-premise signs.

A commission subcommittee was formed at the advisory body’s July meeting to review the referral from the Gloucester Board of Supervisors regarding permanent agribusiness signs in the Highway Corridor Overlay zoning district for agribusinesses.

Following much discussion at its September meeting, the commission decided to take to hearing permanent off-premise sign provisions for non-residential uses without frontage on Route 17 or Route 14. The proposed changes would provide sign options for agribusinesses, planner Emily Gibson said, as well as marinas and boat yards, schools, churches and others without frontage on Routes 17 or 14.

One off-premises sign in the overlay district would be allowed, measuring no higher than six feet, having a sign area of no more than 32 square feet, subject to a minimum setback of 10 feet.

In addition, Gibson said the proposal also permits two off-premises directional signs to be placed in any zoning district, each measuring no higher than five feet, having a sign area of no greater than six square feet and subject to a minimum setback of 10 feet.