VDOT to work on Route 17 crossovers in lower county

by Bill Nachman - Posted on Sep 05, 2012 - 01:38 PM

Construction is scheduled to begin this week on a project designed to enhance safety and improve traffic flow along Route 17 in lower Gloucester County. The project is slated for completion in January.

Modifications are planned to three median crossovers in the lower part of the county, according to Virginia Department of Transportation spokesperson Kelly Hannon. The crossovers are located in the vicinity of Fields Landing Road (Route 1301) and Crewe Road (Route 1307) at Hayes.

Motorists traveling through that corridor may experience some periodic single-lane closures on northbound and southbound Route 17 near the crossovers, Hannon said. The affected crossovers are:

—Route 17 and Fields Landing Road, where a new left turn lane will be built for southbound traffic using the median crossover, and a left turn lane for northbound traffic will be extended to accommodate more vehicles;

—Route 17, approximately 550 feet south of Fields Landing Road. This crossover, which serves a private driveway on the west side of Route 17 and no entrance to the east, will be closed, demolishing the existing adjacent raised concrete median and constructing a new concrete median with no opening; and,