Four shoreline improvement projects approved in Gloucester

by Bill Nachman - Posted on Aug 22, 2012 - 10:52 AM
The Gloucester County Wetlands Board approved four shoreline improvement projects during a meeting Aug. 8 in the colonial courthouse.
Kirk Lindsey received conditional approval for an after-the-fact project. The applicant was assessed a civil charge of $1,500 for proceeding with construction without appropriate permitting and for planting of 500 square feet of wetland vegetation landward of breakwater, said Linda Walthall, permit technician in the Environmental Department of the Gloucester Codes Compliance Office.
Lindsey requested approval for a 55-linear-foot rock breakwater installed to protect eroding beach and highlands above it from storms adjacent to property situated along the North River at 5873 Ware Point Lane.
Following separate public hearings, the board approved these projects:
—James W. and Nancy Brooks were granted authorization to construct 280 linear feet of rock sill, 1,400 cubic yards of beach nourishment, 12’x45’ concrete boat ramp and spartina plantings adjacent to property situated along the North River at 8879 Waverley Lane;
—Jennifer Hatcher was given the go-ahead to construct 200 linear feet of timber bulkhead two feet in front of failing bulkhead and associated backfill adjacent to property situated along the York River at 4456 Hermitage Lane; and,