Gloucester votes to lease back Building 3

by Quinton Sheppard - Posted on Aug 08, 2012 - 01:44 PM
After voting to authorize the sale of County Office Building 3 last month, the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday night to lease that same space back from the buyer for a short period of time.
Under the lease agreement, the county will be paying $4.50 per square foot ($2,391 per month) and will be locked in to that rate for one year. After that time, the county can lease the space on a month-by-month basis.
Garrey Curry, Gloucester’s director of public works, told supervisors in July that there was a potential buyer for the building on the corner of DuVal Avenue and Main Street, which currently houses the planning and codes compliance departments. He said the buyer, listed on the lease as Nam Duc Vu and Hoa Anh Tran, had made an offer of $293,600.
Curry said the sales agreement has been signed and the closing on the property is scheduled for sometime in the near future. At that time, the county would immediately enter into the lease so it can maintain its current departments until more suitable space is available.
The plan all along, according to Curry, is to move the planning and codes compliance departments out of Building 3, which has long been in need of repair. Those departments will move into space in Building 2, which is currently occupied by school administrative staff.