County undertakes emergency repair of sewer pipe

by Quinton Sheppard - Posted on Jun 13, 2012 - 02:19 PM

The Gloucester County public utilities department is anticipating work to be complete in less than two weeks on a portion of the sewer line that was in need of repair running under Route 14 adjacent to Calhoun Street.

Marty Schlesinger, director of public utilities, told the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors during its June 5 meeting that a section of pipe had been inspected using closed circuit television in October as part of the public utilities consent order the county is under.

At that time, a small void of about eight feet had been spotted where the top of the pipe was. During relining operations the week of May 24, Schlesinger said further deterioration was detected and utilities staff realized approximately 50 feet of pipe had deteriorated beyond repair.

At that time, Schlesinger said utilities workers halted the relining operation and elected to fix that pipe on an emergency basis.

The county contracted with a firm out of Toano to fix the pipe, which started the week of June 4.

One northbound lane of Route 14 was closed along with part of the turning lane into Calhoun Street to complete the repair.

The estimated cost of the repair is about $75,000, Schlesinger said.